Technological realisation

We help our customers to keep abreast of new technological trends and to digitalize their systems. Our approach is based on strong collaboration between business and IT teams, so that everyone can enrich our customers’ products with their own vision, with the sole aim of maximizing product value. Our team is made up of a wide range of talents (Proxy PO, UX/UI, Architect, Full Stack Developers, Data Engineer, etc.) who are on the field and committed to ensuring that projects move forward and reach their goal
A graduate of IMT Atlantique, Michael has always worked in consultancy, with initial experience in the telecoms sector (SFR, Orange, Virgin Mobile, etc.) and several years in the insurance sector (with MNT and DiotSiaci). As Director of the Digital & Technology Division, Michael works for his clients across the entire value chain, from digital strategy to the launch of technology-intensive products.

Michael Rakotomanga

Directeur du pôle Réalisation technologique

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